3 tips for an eco-friendly youth work atmosphere


Bringing plants to the workplace can help alleviate these symptoms due to their natural air purification and stress-reducing properties. They also help absorb toxins, reduce indoor air pollution and are a great visual reminder of the importance of sustainable living. That’s not all: plants also boost productivity and help save energy. According to the University of Exeter, workers are 15 percent more productive when there are houseplants in the office. And the evaporation of a large tree can lead to the cooling effect of 10 air conditioners the size of a room, working 20 hours a day!


NRDC.org estimates that building power could account for 75 of the city’s carbon pollution. However, much of this energy is often lost through leaking windows and outdated technology. References to the IGS study conducted by the International Energy Agency (IEA), which suggests that improving the insulation of buildings, implementing efficient heating and cooling systems and switching to efficient lighting and appliances creates a more comfortable environment for employees. Best of all, companies can incorporate environmental practices to save energy and money while raising office morale. When employees see companies working to improve their energy efficiency, they pay attention and inspire them to get involved as well. Learning how to reduce energy in your building can not only increase employee appreciation, but can also help reduce costs and improve employee health in the long run.


Another way companies can help maintain a healthier environment is by implementing a recycling program throughout the building. Recycling helps save resources, reduce waste sent to landfills, save energy and minimize emissions from transporting waste to landfills. What’s more, most employees, especially Millennials, want businesses to help them recycle. A recent study found that 75 percent of Millennials would reduce their pay to work for a socially responsible company. Be sure to talk to internal stakeholders about implementing recycling streams based on the types of materials your business generates most often, whether it’s cardboard, paper, plastic, compost, or e-waste. Focusing on waste reduction and recycling can inspire employees to make consciously better choices when it comes to reducing their impact inside and outside the office.

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